Airport Transfers explained: Understanding how Airport transfers work

Have you noticed an increase in people looking for transfers from the airport to their destination? Maybe some of your friends or family were talking about this at the las meeting you had with them? Here we explain what a private transfer from the airport consists of.

A private transfer, such as those offered by MyTransfers, consists of the one-way (or roundtrip) trip from the airport to your destination, be it a hotel, a holiday villa, a resort, or simply a trip to the center of the city.

Why a private transfer?

At the airport, upon arrival, you can find many means of transport to your destination, but if your destination is not on a well-known route, to be able to go by public transport, you will have to choose a taxi. Here’s the problem: Hiring a taxi at the airport can end your nerves and we guarantee that if you travel as a group, the price will be more expensive than booking a private transfer.

If you opt for public transport, imagine changing stations, with your family and all suitcases. I think that is not how you want to enjoy your annual holiday week.

A private transfer from the airport gives you the peace of knowing that a professional driver will be waiting for you at your arrival, without queues, without waiting and will help you with your luggage. And saving money!

Public transport or taxi in group? Mission Impossible.

If you travel in a group of more than 5 there is no doubt that the best option you have is to hire a transfer from the airport in advance. The cost of 2 or more taxis will be much higher than the price you would have when booking your trip in advance with a minivan, van or coach.

The problem of transfers from the airport resolved

A while ago, hiring this type of services was a headache, traditional travel agencies controlled the entire market and service providers had great difficulty in selling their products directly. In addition, the websites of the suppliers, usually small companies with less than 10 vehicles do not allow online payment. This means that upon arrival you will have to pay the total amount of your contracted transfer. Your transfer is not guaranteed!

The confidence that our platform gives you is to have a final price, paid in advance, and a reservation confirmed instantly.

Travel to a country with a different currency, another inconvenient solved with the transfers already confirmed

Imagine arriving in a country where the currency of legal tender is different from yours. This can cause you great problems if you do not already travel with an amount of money in local currency. When contracting through an online platform with advance payment, you will only have to present your booking voucher upon arrival. Problem solved.

How does it work?

It’s very easy, basically we provide suppliers with a platform so they can sell their services. Advantage? Many. When competing with other providers our collaborators must always be competitive in prices and in the service offered, this gives our users the possibility to always enjoy the best prices and the best service possible.